Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Kindle capers

Having just got off the phone after spending a good hour talking to a techie at Amazon, I have to say I'm impressed with my experience of their customer service.

A second hand Kindle I'd bought off a friend a while ago for my wife (so I could actually get mine back and do some reading of my own) had decided it didn't want to download books any more. After a few minutes of fruitless Googling I decided to take the plunge and actually call the customer service number, a decision helped by the fact it was a freephone number (toll free in American).

To my pleasant surprise my call was answered within a minute, and although the (clearly basic 1st line support) lady on the other end of the phone wasn;t initially able to help with her suggestions of restarting it several times I was promised a call back within 45 minutes later by a technical support person.

After an admittedly slightly late 50 minutes I did indeed receive my call back. This person (like the first, actually able to speak in fluent English) was clearly using their brain rather than just blindly following a script and within half a hour after trying a software update and variations on the restart theme determined that the software had crashed somewhere during the registration process and rendered the device in need of replacement.

Expecting a charge for this (although after the initial 12 month warranty expires faulty goods are still covered under the Sale of Goods Act for a while but have to bear in mind I wasn't actually the person who originally bought it) I was very surprised when I was informed they would replace it free of charge within a week.

So, although I have now had to temporarily surrender my own beloved Kindle back to my wife so that she can keep up to date with the latest James Patterson novel, I think that's a small price to pay and I've been left wondering if I'm either very lucky or one of many happy customers of Amazon's customer service. Either way quite a positive result I feel.

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