Tuesday, 3 August 2010

More than just a plot

Walking around the field last night after working on the plot with the kids checking the taps were all turned off, picking blackberries from the hedgerow and just enjoying the peace and fresh air, I realised that it's not just the plot we're paying for but the privelege of being able to go there and enjoy the location. The kids were happy, I showed them grasshoppers and a few different flowers, etc and it was great, a very enjoyable end to the day. So feeling much more positive now, as the general state of the ground and the amount of work required had got me down a bit.

First sowing!

Planted our first things today, more of a token gesture as so little has been prepared so far compared to the size of the plot. So some potatoes went in a small prepared bed, hopefully a larger area will get done at the weekend and it will have green manure sown to at least cover the ground over winter. Second bed is nearly ready which will be sown with a few cabbages probably. Here's a picture of what the ground is like before digging over and mixing in lots of manure, it's basically a coupe of inces of dust, then pretty solid clay containing a large quantity of stones and occassional bits of paving slab etc -

Still no rain :( so at least there's a water a supply but nothing beats a really good rainfall.