Saturday, 14 July 2007

Lots of activity

Thanks to the recent brief spell of good weather things are really happening. Spring onions, french beans and even mexican giant sweetcorn are showing. I even have my first red strawberry.

Late potatoes turned up (Carlingford I think) - they've been put into patio planters.

A couple of views of the garden - a lot has changed since the last pic. You can see the mini greenhouse, potato patio planters and tub with strawberries and bell peppers on the left. On the right is a small grow bag with radishes and in the bed there is basil and rosemary.

Here is one of the bell peppers. Looks like something's managed to get to it, but there's plenty more coming up -
Finally! A red strawberry!

Spring onions (Shimonita) starting to show -
Giant mexican sweetcorn - only planted these last week.
Climbing french beans (Blue lake) -

Monday, 9 July 2007

Exotic veg and slug experiments

So I spent Saturday sowing my exotic veg seeds - Coffee, Tea, Mexican Giant Sweetcorn, multi-coloured bell peppers and venus fly traps (that last one is just out of interest really to see if I can get them to grow).

Thinned out masses of carrot seedlings, repotted the parsley and also weeded the tiny section of flower bed we have. Went to the garden centre for some compost (composter is on order, £8 bargain but not here yet) and got basil and rosemary plants very cheap so they went into the bed.

Everything is doing extremely well in the mini greenhouse.

Whilst in the garden centre I tried to find copper tape (anti-slug) but they'd sold out and apparently were always sold out as it's really popular. I asked if they had any other organic anti-slug remedies and all they had was garlic pellets. According to the packaging this is good for the plants as well as a slug barrier so I decided to give it a try.

Late on Saturdday night I noticed a rather large one crawling across the patio so decided to
experiment. I surrounded the slug with a good sized circle of the stuff and waited.

It stopped at the edge for some time, waving it's head around and trying to decide what to do, before very slowly creeping over the garlic and off towards my strawberry plant. It did seem to slow it down but the slug didn't seem to be too put off by the stuff. I think it's more of a physical barrier that's difficult for them to get across, but I didn't give it a chance to try getting past the barrier round my strawberries. However there has been no further damage to them so it has probably discouraged them. I shall conduct more experiments given the chance and post results here.

Friday, 6 July 2007

Further planting

Had a day off yesterday so was able to thin out the rapidly growing spinach. Also planted some of the new seeds - spring onions and french beans. Potato patio planters also turned up but the seed potatoes have been delayed slightly as they're not quite available yet. Should get these in the next couple of days.

I'm looking forward to trying the potatoes as we eat a lot of them at home so it will be great if I can produce a decent amount.

Another parcel today, this time containing seeds from - tea, coffee, venus fly trap and giant sweetcorn.

The radishes are coming on nicely and should be ready in the next few weeks - this will be the first home grown produce that we will get to harvest so it will mark an important milestone.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Update - Pictures

Everything is now showing which is great, although the spinach got a severe battering yesterday before I got home and was able to cover them to protect them from the endless onslaught of rain and hail (at one point we had hail coming down the chimney, it was pretty bad).

First sign of strawberries -

Spinach -

Carrots -

Radishes (after thinning) -
I have a delivery of seeds at home which should get planted this week, the radishes look like they might need moving to bigger containers and the spinach (and hopefully carrots) will need to be thinned so I'm in for a busy week.

The parsley I'm drying is doing well and is nearly ready to be stored.

I'm on the lookout for a second hand dynamo hub at the moment to try and build a very cheap wind turbine, more to learn than to produce serious power as it won't be very powerful.

Monday, 2 July 2007

Thinned out the radishes on Saturday. Had to throw a lot away even though I transferred loads to another tray and an additional trough.

The spinach started showing on Sunday and will be thinned out this week.

Signs of peppers growing which is great as the conditions aren't ideal for it outside and I thought it might bolt.

Got a mini greenhouse on Snday as well, much better as now I don't have to rush outside every time it rains to cover the trays.

So all going well, hopefully more seeds will turn up this week.